Hidden Number
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Hidden Number catalyzes your preferential moments of confusion into a layered aesthetic of audio. Their dense texture of experimental electronics and multi-layered vocals draw from the rock genre, while seamlessly fusing dissonance with harmony, electronica with surf, and film music with ambience�in correspondence to the esoteric mysteries of internal and external paradigms. The Seattle based five-piece collective creates works influenced by a logical system whose original inception eludes even the band participants themselves.

After collaborating for over two years, the current configuration of Hidden Number has recorded, and is recording, a full-length CD in founding member/engineer/producer Dean Swanson�s studio facility Magnets Large & Small. The topological proximity to studio technology has granted the band the ability to tirelessly experiment and tediously craft their music, using the studio as a prosthetic instrument for their innovative narrative. Collectively, Hidden Number currently exhibits their live music in Seattle venues, having strategically dualized their studio and stage compositions. In addition to live guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and synthesizer media, they utilize computer-based samplers to perform the physical embodiment of careful studio experimentation.

The three founding members of Hidden Number�Dean Swanson, Joseph Stuhff, and Shawn Diaz�initially assembled in Las Vegas. Joe and Shawn collaborated in 3lbs, a cyclically gigging Vegas punk/metal/funk rock band. Further designation as trio was achieved through Dean�s recording of the first 3lbs demo. Upon momentum achieved through Swanson�s five day lemon water fast, the three proceeded to discover an uncertainly originated logical system, on an expedition through the surrounding sandy deserts of Las Vegas. This pivotal and transformative event prompted the trio to form the first incarnation of Hidden Number, which became the initial impetus for studies based on their surprising discoveries. Faced with unopened ears and closed minds, and with intuition that more pieces of the puzzle remained unfound, the three disbanded with the understanding that research would continue in Seattle. It was there that Swanson founded the Magnets Large & Small studio headquarters.

Meanwhile, Kai studied Mathematics at Southern Oregon University and played drums in a number of local bands�Smidgen, Mono e Mono, Heroin{e} Martyr Coalition, Boba�s Feet, Hamster Basket, and A Million Fingers. Upon graduation, he translocated to Silicon Valley for further studies relating to puzzling observations in the sub-fields of chaos theory and strange attractors. This work eventually directed Kai to relocated operations to Seattle where a mutual acquaintance, and avid collector of the arcane, introduced him to Dean, Joe, and Shawn with the expectation that both parties could reconcile their hitherto unresolved patterns of inquiry. Upon syncretism of both overlapping and discrete observations, the expanded group subconsciously summoned long time confidante and childhood Vegas companion, Richie Weisner, who on a whim arrived in Seattle after a sequence of long, vague journeys in the northern Nevadan mountains. Climactically, this event marked the appearance of the second incarnation of Hidden Number�in parallel form as an outlet and focus for studies, while providing the benefit of continued funding.

Hidden Number members bring diverse strengths and abilities to the collective whole. Dean Swanson, on guitar, synthesizers, samples, vocals, is a freelance recording engineer and proprietor of Magnets Large & Small--a recording studio, independent record label, and research facility. Shawn Diaz, on guitar and vocals, while competent on multiple instruments, was previously lead vocalist for a number of bands, and is currently visual artist/graphic designer and co-owner of Olivodoce Art Space. Joseph Stuhff, on bass and backing vocals, has performed in numerous Las Vegas bands, is a Hip-Hop artist for Beatmasters Guild, and provides a solid backbone for the band�s music. Kai Strandskov, trained in mathematics and jazz drumming, embodies all acoustic/electronic drums and percussion, while providing backing live vocals. Rich Weisner, on keyboards and samples, is currently working as hip-hop producer and founder of Beatmasters Guild, a record label focused on creative Hip-Hop and electronic beats for hire.

Hidden Number�s full-length release, Burn Alive, is scheduled for release in Fall of 2006 on Magnets Large & Small. The band has extensive local and area gigging plans and West Coast tour, in support of their first release. The band members continue developing their musical dialectic, recording new material, working with numerous side projects and collaborators, continuing as participants and supporters of the local independent Seattle arts scene, and continually revising their exegesis through thoughtful study and peer review. ~

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